New Project Ideas!

WFEG is always looking for new ideas to help improve the wildlife-friendliness, ecology and indeed, look, of the parish - and to enhance our River of Flowers and our Heart of England in Bloom chances.

At the Countryside Fair we undertook a consultation exercise on a few of the ideas we've started to think about.

The ones receiving the most votes (with number of positive ticks received for each) were:

  • 72 votes - Bottom of Cappers Lane Hill - renovation and introduction of flowers
  • 49 votes - Bat Boxes and other Species-specific installations
  • 40 votes - Croft Open Space (corner of Chapel Lane) - turn part into meadow/orchard
  • 38 votes - Plant compact areas of flowers along Burton Road banks

We'll be looking at how best to progress these over the coming months, starting with bulb planting along Burton Road at our October working party (See above).

Another idea we're looking at is the improvement of the "half moon" on Main Street just below the Back Lane/Rock Farm Road junction. We've put a flower trough there but the tarmac is in an awful state.

With the Parish Council we are looking at how this could be improved and, at least in part, greened, while maintaining the bus stop facility.

We'll be asking for your ideas at the WFEG stall at the Apple Market on 19th November - an added reason for you to come along!