All donations - large or small - are welcome!

We do not make a charge for membership of WFEG, preferring to allow people to make voluntary donations.

Since WFEG has been in existence it has very successfully raised our local community's perception and understanding of the environmental issues that face us all. Highly visible campaigns leading to greater use of low energy lighting, loft and cavity wall insulation, reducing food miles, and our Bee Friendly campaign - as well as several Big Green Fairs - have been major elements of this.

You would be right to expect WFEG to be very prudent in its use of resources, for example all our committee members give of their time for free. But to maintain ‘the journey’ does require funds to meet the cost of specific projects. Discretionary grants cover part of this but our growing membership generously donates what they can.

Events & Community Orchard Sponsorship

You can use this PayPal link to pay for tickets to WFEG events or to sponsor the Community Orchard.

Community Orchard Sponsorship

  • £30 per tree
  • Meadow £20 per 10m2
  • Bulbs £20 per 100

PayPal Payment

To make a payment or donation for the amount of your choice simply overwrite the figure in the box with the correct amount and click donate.

Please don't forget to complete the message box to tell us what your payment is for!

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