River of Flowers

River of Flowers

WFEG is working with other local groups on a project called 'River of Flowers' to create new beautiful wildlife areas across the parish.

We want this to be something that everyone can be involved in to help make our villages an even more special place and have already secured some funds to do this.

If you are interested in being involved in the Steering Group or planting activities please email - thank you to those who have already helped!

We are delighted that Lichfield's very own Wildlife Kate MacRae helped us launch the River of Flowers in November 2015  - she came Whittington to work with children from our school and also gave a well-attended talk on Friday 13th November...

That same weekend several work parties of bulb planters were out and about despite the weather starting off the planting.  There will be several more planting work parties so look out for details on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

You can also join the River of Flowers facebook page here.